Frequently Asked Questions

API stands for application programming interface. It is a set of programming tools used to build applications. APIs generally consist of a set of routines, protocols, and other tools generally used to get or update data.
The Nielsen API Portal is a platform that provides developers access to our API suite. The Nielsen APIs offer syndicated data feeds about consumer trends, media consumption, purchase habits and more that can be used to power your applications.
The Nielsen APIs are available for use by anyone with a valid commercial agreements. For some APIs, restrictions may apply. Contact us for more information.
Anyone can register to access the Nilsen API Portal. Once registered, you can browse the API catalog and use the API explorer. After finding the perfect API, request a subscription plan or contact a member of our commercial team to discuss using Nielsen data to power your application.

No, Nielsen does not need to access your application for you to use the APIs. Nielsen will provide you with all the information necessary for you to successfully integrate and test the Nielsen APIs into your application.

Proper crediting instructions will be outlined in your terms of use agreement.

An API key is a unique identifier that tells Nielsen API Portal which user is initiating a request. The API key is used to authenticate a user/application.

Yes, for testing users are limited to a small number of calls per second and per hour. For commercial users, please refer to the terms of your agreement or look within the subscription section of the Nielsen API Portal.

Each API has a testing interface where you can see the parameters and test output. This feature is only available to registered users. To access, within the Nielsen API Portal navigate to the Products page and select the API you are interested in. Select the API Explorer Tab and expand the details. If you would like to test the API in your application, contact our commercial team.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the site, one of our APIs, or simply have a question send us a message at and one of our Service Agents will assist you.

A suite of APIs are being developed for client use on the Nielsen Connect platform. These APIs will be ready for clients who have migrated to the Connect platform to begin implementing starting in late Q4, 2020. Please contact your Nielsen account representative if you have questions.